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Going to Forster with Anthony was exactly what I needed to wrap up Australia. We stayed in the Bennett's beach house for six days, four of which his friends Holly and Jamie came up for. Yeah, a cute little couples beach trip. Forster is like most beach towns...full of old people and primarily a place to play board games and take regular naps. We watched a fair amount of movies, grocery shopped, cooked our meals, played scrabble/cards, napped everyday. Anthony went for at least one surf everyday and I beach walked and swam. The one time that I fell asleep instead of watching him surf was the only time we saw dolphins that week...they were surfing with him! I was a little apprehensive about the last two days alone with him...due to the lack of activity, we were both a little bored and restless...I thought we might head back to Sydney a day early. However, I thought the last two were the best (no offense Jamie and Holly). Anthony and I never ran out of things to talk about...I felt like I was hanging out with Sara (in a non weird way because he is my boyfriend, not my best gal pal). But it was that kind of feeling, that no matter what amount of time we spent together continuously, I was never annoyed, I laughed 'heaps' and sometimes uncontrollably, and just felt completely comfortable.
We went back to Sydney on Saturday and on our way stopped off at Palm Beach just in time to watch Steve and James (dad and brother) finish their surf ski race that they had competed in that morning. Back in Seaforth that night, James & Kim went to dinner and Steve & Judy had some social function, so Anthony and I were left at home for dinner and the rest of the evening. We didn't end up making dinner...we were too restless and feeling bored and helpless and blah. King Kong was on but that is just such a dumb movie to sit through. Still we didn't get mad at each other - just thankful we had the other one to be bored with.
Sunday I spent doing the last of my Christmas shopping and then Judy met me in Manly to help me shop for a new bikini - my christmas present from them. We came home, everyone including Steve, Judy, James, Kim, Anthony, and I went out to dinner at a place called Whitewater in Manly on the beach. They wanted to take me out for my farewell dinner and did they ever. I put it in my top five fanciest dinners - and thats including moms functions on president's club trips. Prices and prestige aside...it was alot of fun and I felt extremely happy and loved.
Anthony took me out to meet Steve's parents on monday afternoon and have lunch. They are a cute couple who undoubtedly adore their grandson. They're well travelled and one is an ex military pilot...they had some great stories. I felt flattered and Steve and Judy wanted me to meet them.
Jordanna came back from New Zealand on monday and stayed her last night at Anthony's before heading out to New Jersey. It was good to see her again. I'll go visit those girls when I'm on the east coast for rob's graduation. We went to see Avatar in 3D with Anthony and his cousin Harry....aweeeesome.
Tuesday Anthony took me to Taronga Zoo in Sydney! The zoo is sooo amazing. It's on the harbor and has a panoramic view of the city including the opera house and the harbor bridge. I saw the 5 mo. old baby elephant, two seal shows, some silly penguins, and sleepy koalas. We got slurpees, went home, took a nap on the couch, and then it was time to get ready for Family Christmas, this time with Judy's side of the family. We dressed up and drove over to her brother's house. The evening was magazine-ish but without the stuffiness. Everything was beautiful from the house to the food to the personalities. I received many unexpected gifts and felt surprisingly at ease the whole evening. I wouldn't have changed my last night in Sydney at all. Afterwards, at home, I gave the Bennett's + Kim their Christmas presents and gave Steve and James hugs goodbye. My face felt hot and I felt like crying but didn't want to be seen as crazy or unstable.
Wednesday was my last day. I woke up and was immediatly overwhelmed with sadness and again a hot face and this time felt no obligation to hold back.
We went to Manly beach for a while, packed, took a nap on the couch and then put my bags in the car. I got the same sad feeling when I hugged Judy and Kim goodbye and they waved all the way down the driveway.
Anthony and I blew the last of my Australian currency on some take away Thai Food and milkshakes and ate on the wharf in Manly. He drove me to the airport, walked in with me, and needless to say I was an emotional mess.
It feels so wrong to have gone there, set up an entire lifestyle, become connected to a new city and culture, become accepted and welcomed into a new family, fall in love for the first time, and then leave...almost like it's all being ripped away.
I know that anyone reading to this point has got to be family and so I'll say this. The only thing that bothers me about Anthony and I, aside from distance of course, is that the majority of you haven't met him. I'm confident that everyone would think he's great, which you should because he makes me so happy. I went to Australia having a silly girl crush on an Aussie and left having found a new best friend and undoubtedly in love. Having said that, I'm sorry for ever judging or offering my unwanted opinions about anyone's S.O. The only thing that should matter is that my siblings, mom, etc are happy, comfortable, and loved in return.
I know it's a bit deep for blogging but this site has served as my journal of Australia, start to finish.
I'm back in Hawaii now and looking forward to Christmas with the Rush's, mom, gma, and hopefully Rob.
I'll be going back to Sydney, no doubt about it. Hopefully sooner than later.

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I am glad you are in Hawaii safe. Still so jealous of your experience.....your whole life experience, really. Nope, never got to meet Mr. Anthony, but I did enjoy poking fun at his checkered shorts. I'm sure he's a good guy....I liked that he got mad you were out and about ALONE. (Good job Anthony).
I'm sure it does feel like being ripped out of your world. I can guarantee you, though, if Clary and I weren't friends....we wouldn't still be married. It is fun to fall in love! xoxoxo Happy Christmas! :)

by Katie

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