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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas..?

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I am officially done being an academic slave. For the next four months at least. The exams went slightly better than I expected and I'm pretty confident that I will pass all three courses. Sad, I never thought that would be a concern for me.
This past week has been filled with "goodbye's" and 'last' dinners. On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving. The day was pretty backwards and definetly a unique experience. First of all, I had to have my sister import a can of pumpkin for the pumpkin pie. The night before, Jordanna and I went to Woolworth's to go grocery shopping. "Where are the turkies?...They don't have cool whip?...Oh great, no fried onions for green been casserole...Okay so how many pounds are in one kilo?" Woolies did have sparkling apple cider though and I was soooooooo happy.
We started cooking pretty early. 9ish. Jordana and I were the only Americans who weren't busy studying for exams so we were elected to be the chefs. The menu included a roasted chicken (or chook), green bean casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy, yams, veggies & dip, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, brownies, and sparkling cider. The 100 degree weather and no A/C made the afternoon pretty toasty in the kitchen. Claudia (our aussie friend who lives with Anita and those girls), Anita, Andrew, Anthony, Jordanna, and I had a fun thanksgiving though. Claudia is nuts about pumpkin pie now. When we finally got to sit down to eat around 2, I didn't feel like eating much. I finished my plate and felt compelled to go for seconds, because after all its an american holiday, but couldnt eat anymore because it was so hot.
Sisters, mommy, and other women reading this blog: kudos to you for pulling a thanksgiving feast together every year...it was a challenge.
Afterwards, we skipped the food baby naps and Jordanna, Anthony, and I went into the city. We went and layed a blanket out in Hyde Park to watch the lighting of the Christmas Tree. I should have known that when Bananas in 'Pyjamas' were included in the caroling line up that it was an event for kiddies. So many kids. BUT!...there was free Lindtz chocolate, so yay. So there I was, in my purple sundress, suntanning on the grass, sweating only a little bit, watching the Christmas festivities, when the carolers started in on 'It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas'. Oh how very confused this nation is. I felt bad for the Santa who arrived on his sleigh in a full uniform. hot hot hot. There were people dressed as kangaroos on stilts with some kind of hydraulics in them bouncing around. It was just so odd...I laughed so much.
Jordanna and I had a lovely dinner together at McDonalds afterwards. Even McDonalds is not a cheap outting. I had a mediocre sized meal and payed ten dollars. Easy places like Applebees, Red Robin, or Shari's don't exist here. Bummer. While Anthony was having dinner with 'the guys', I went home to Seaforth and chatted with Steve and Judy over fruit salad until midnight.
Anthony's hours at work got cut to part time so now he only works Mon-Wed...which is fantastic for me, I must say. Friday we went to the beach a total of three times. Perfect too because it was soooooo hot. I was floating in the waves, smiling, thinking 'this is my life for the next few months'. I'm so happy I made the decision to take Winter term off.
Saturday was more beach. And then I took the bus to Darling Harbor and went out with a few girls. I had some lemonade at the Cargo Lounge and then we went on to have dinner at James Squire and watched some kind of Christmas fireworks display. I'm starting to become accustomed to wearing a dress and fancy footwear when I go to any sort of restaraunt or bar. My moccasins have stayed in my closet for over three months now :(
Sunday we had Thanksgiving at the Bennett's!! Everything was pretty amazing. And aside from the weather, the absence of my family, and cooking the turkey on the barbie instead of in the oven, the occasion was pretty spot on. The turkey was massive...5 hours to cook. We had stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, turkey, apple pie and pumpkin pie. Judy had been in contact with one of her American friends who supplied her with not only recipes, but turkey candle holders and a turkey window hanging. Kim had some friends, I brought Anita, and all together there were ten of us.
Today, Anthony is back at work, and I am back in the village cleaning out my room. I am pretty all over the place and haven't been sleeping well...I'm done with exams, I had two amazing Thanksgivings, moving out of my house for the last three months, saying bye to some pretty good girlfriends, and going insane with excitement to see my mommy tomorrow.
I finally got ahold of Rich this weekend. It was soo fun to talk to him! I think its been over five months, and that's not okay with me. We talked for over an hour and I am so excited to see everyone in May.
Tonight Jordanna and I are going to see the Christmas Carol and then getting dinner at Nick's Burger Palace. Yum Yum.
Tomorrow, Anthony and I are picking my mom up and I couldn't be more stoked. I won't be restricted to ordering side salads or the soup of the day at restaurants, and I might get a haircut:) But aside from that it will be so fun to have a week long girl party with her and talk about boys and what not.
If you have an requests for souveniers or boomerangs or anything...tell me!
Home in less than a month...bittersweet.

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Hahaha! Bananas in pajamas.....that used to be on every morning when Kayla was first born, I grew to hate it. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving, mine was awkwardly spent with my Dad and step-siblings. I saw a whole show about searching for dragons in Australia, did you ever see one?? Have fun with Mom! xoxo

by Katie

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