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No Sun and No Sleep Make Christina Go Crazyyy

I missed Sara's 20th birthday last week! But we video chatted over Skype for a few hours so I'm not that sad anymore. We giggled and she caught me up on all the latest Canby 08 gossip. A few more people pregnant...a few more making idiots of themselves at parties.
Last Thursday, a few girlfriends and I went out to Manly to watch another of our friends in the surf festival competition. The weather was pretty bleak and I almost felt at home on the Oregon Coast which was a little comforting. I miss Seaside. The weather is so off and on here lately. One day we had a HAwaiian heat wave, and the next day I was cold and getting rained on at the beach. The majority of the weather has been grey and rainy which I think I'm done with. Ben and Jerry's just opened their first scoop shop in Australia and it happens to be in Manly. We stopped in to try the new flavor which has yet to be named. We entered the contest to name it with Blizzard of Oz...because Australia is sometimes abbreviated as OZ. Cross your fingers! We might be getting one year of free ice cream! Did you know Ben has no sense of taste by the way?
After an end of the semester bbq on Friday, I went to Anthony's. He took me on a date to Manly. (I know, Manly Manly Manly...it's sweet though, as mom will soon see) Judy gave us a 2-for-1 movie ticket coupon and I convinced him to take me to see The Time Travelers Wife! He asked me if I could be the one to order the tickets and then sat in a theater full of women and maybe 2 other guys. Can you tell he really likes me? The movie was pretty depressing so we went home and joked around and laughed it off.
I wanted him to focus on studying for exams (his are before mine) so I went back to school Saturday after breakfast.
The plan for Saturday was Anita and I were going to stay up until 5am on Sunday because that's when tickets for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics went on sale online. Since she is Canadian, she has an advantage with getting tickets. Around dinner time, we discovered that our wireless network at school wasn't letting the website work properly. At 10pm, Anita, Andrew and I made the trek from Macquarie to Anthony's house so we could use the wireless (my plan of leaving him to study time failed). Well we made some apple and peach cobbler, organized what events we wanted to see, and watched lame-o late night TV til the moment came. At 5am, we got on to the website and tried to buy tickets. The website was obviously extremely busy, so for 3 hours, we refreshed the page every 10 seconds or so trying to get through. Anthony woke up at 7 and so we took turns pushing the button. I was also watching the Vancouver 2010 facebook page's wall. People kept expressing frustration and some were offering updates on what was going on. Finally, someone posted a link to a news article which said due to the website overload, sales were postponed til next Sunday morning....seriously? I was so tired and full of sugar - I just felt sick. So next weekend, we'll be having another long night. I'm trying to get tickets for men's moguls, speed skating, and men's halfpipe. There are a few events in whistler I want to see but they've just decided not to sell anymore whistler tickets online. They will only be available in person starting in January. Anthony's decided to come on a 2 or 3 week holiday to the US in february so I have someone to go to the Olympics with! He'll also go see his friends from OSU and maybe go somewhere new in the states. Lately he's been doing this disgusting Southern accent so maybe he would enjoy Marti Gras or seeing Texas or something.
I talked to Mom tonight - her new place in Hawaii sounds sweet...as have the last two. I can't wait to see it! Can't wait to see her in less than a month!
I've transitioned into study mode and will be here for the next two and a half weeks. I'd much rather be laying in the Botanical Gardens watching weddings on the harbor, but I guess I am here to learn afterall.
mmm...sleep, sleep

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Dang dude! That is way too much work for tickets to anything!!!! Well I'm glad everything is working out for you...as no one else will be going, you'll have the whole place to yourself. You know that Australia has sanitarium peanut butter? Hahaha! It's all that popped up when I googled Australia Peanut butter. You may be missing Seaside....if you don't realize what time of year it is. You know it's winter when people where big puffy coats to walk on the foggy beach. I didn't realize beaches were warm in some places until I was 14, sad, sad, sad. Oh, yeah....now it may be different because it was Pepridge Farms, but the tim tams I had...yum! The caramel in the middle didn't hurt. ;)

by Katie

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