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I'm Going Going Back to Uni Uni

My major assignments are complete and now is the lull before finals. I've taken advantage of the freedom and had a pretty full weekend.
Friday, after examining skulls and dental structure in my last biology lab (praise jesus) I took the train into the city with Jordanna, Rachael, Taryn, and Lindsay. I had looked up meals for under $6 in Sydney earlier the morning which brought us to the suburb of Woolomoolloo...about a twenty minute walk from the Opera House. The place was called Harry's Cafe de Wheels - a pie stand right on the wharf. I had the traditional Tiger: a meat pie with potato and pea mash on top. Yeah, I definitely got my 6 bucks out of that. After eating on the Wharf, we bought some drinks and walked to the Royal Botanical Gardens. We relaxed in the sun for a few hours and watched six weddings without moving. I guess it's a wedding hot spot. After feeling very sleepy and almost to the point of barfing my Tiger and lemonade, we decided to take a ferry to Luna Park. Luna Park is an amusement park that's been on the waterfront since 1935. The front is a huge crazy face and to walk in, you walk through the mouth opening. We met Jess, Anita and Andrew, her boyfriend, there and although I felt like ralphing, I went on a ride. I mean, how often will I get to go to Luna Park?
Afterwards, we all took a ferry to Manly where we met Anthony for dinner. Some creepy guy who smelled boozerific offered me a free ticket to see Britney Spears in concert. There's always a catch though...he wanted me to take him out for a beer. Meh - nah. Nothing too exciting happened after that. Good pizza, Anita and Andrew came over to Anthony's for a bit, and then we went to North Ryde to pick up my laundry. I love leaving North Ryde...not quite as much as I loved leaving Corvallis though.
Anthony was busy with a monster assignment all weekend so i made a point to get out of his hair. Saturday morning I went to the city and sat in a book store for a while. I'm crazy in to cooking and baking books right now. Hey, why do people make cook books without pictures? - does anyone really use those things? I'm trying new recipes but am sort of restricted as to what to make the Bennetts. They don't really like peanut butter, really rich things, nuts, some other things...and I don't want to keep making cookies. The things I'm cooking have turned out to be pretty delicious. I made a tomato and bread soup, cinnabons, brownies with a crust and peanut butter frosting...etc. Australia doesn't have graham crackers by the way...bummer.
Anyway, then I met Anita and Andrew. On the way to look for some shoes for Andrew, we stumbled upon the Sydney Food and Wine Festival in Hyde Park. It was a huge event! First, we got free loaves of bread. We walked through the whole festival and decided it was a good idea to buy food tickets. I got some good lunch from the Bavarian Beir Cafe, delicious blood orange tart from an Italian Restaurant, and spent my last ticket on a pink cupcake from a Drag Queen working at the Breast Cancer booth. We went through the free Ben and Jerry's line thrice, layed on the lawn and listened to live music, and four hours later continued to look for shoes. We ended up in the gay district of Sydney, around Oxford Street, walked on to the Botanical Gardens once again, watched a few more weddings, and then I took the ferry back to Manly. I almost forgot it was Halloween until I saw sluts galore beginning their big nights out. Yeah, I was pretty sad I wasn't in Charbonnaeou this year getting my snapple and running past groups of little kids but its not a big deal here. I went back to Anthony's, made a failure cake, he made some mashed potatoes, and we went to bed.
Sunday morning I spent in Manly and after Anthony was done at the library, we went over to Jaimie's house to hang out with him and Holly. They are two of the people I went to Forster with when I first got to Australia. Afterwards, Judy and Steve took me and Anthony out to dinner:) It was pretty nice. We went to the same Thai place they took us when I first got here. It was funny to compare how nervous and out of place I felt back then to how at ease and enjoyable this time was. I made some cookies last night to redeem myself and now it's monday. Anthony's trying to recover from working til 4am...so all day we've layed around the house, played cards (taught him Grandma's rules for Rummy - he's a sore loser and immediately switched the game to Poker so he could kick my butt), and went for a swim at the beach. It's nearly 5pm now and I'm going to wake him up from his nap so he can take me home.
Judy promises me it's okay to stay for dinner but I never know when I'm honestly overstaying my welcome...you know? Eh, back to North Ryde, back to walking to and from Woolworth's for groceries, back to my room that doesn't smell like me yet, back to school, back to dirty housemates. But, back to the girls!
Hey, I went to a business etiquette seminar last week. Instead of saying Lazy Susan, they say Lazy Suzanne. Haha.

Posted by ChristinaC 20:56

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Heyo! Sounds like you're as busy as ever. I'm still kind of mad they made my birthday month, breast cancer awareness month.(I was reminded of that by your cupcake booth) I would much rather call it breast awareness. Celebrate Boobs! :) I'm still real jealous of your whole experience there. Have fun traveling with Mom, you'll be done soon enough. Good luck on your finals, but we both know you don't really need it. Missing you mucho! xoxo

by Katie

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