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After getting away from uni in North Ryde, I had a pretty eventful weekend.
Friday, Jordanna Anita Taryn and I took the train to the city and walked around in the Royal Botanical Gardens. I don't know why I've put it off for so long. The gardens are so amazing. It's like a zoo for flowers and plants. The scenery was unreal as well. If I turned one way, I saw the now-familiar skyline of Sydney with the St. George Bank and AXA Australia. If I did a 180, I was facing the harbour and watching all of the yachts, sailboats, and ferries. To my immediate left I had a full and close-up view of the opera house and just beyond that the massive harbour bridge. In the spots in between these things were what seemed like endless landscaped gardens. Such contrast. The weather was gorgeous and just right so we layed down in the grass under a tree and watched a wedding. I love watching weddings you know? Not because I'm secretly picking out color schemes and planning my own wedding (cuz come on, we all know thats a freakin long time off) but because they are just so entertaining. It reminded me of when mom and I went to that fancy hotel in Hawaii and sat on a grass hill and watched a wedding. Well, anyway, after that I took the ferry to Manly and hung out with Anthony all night. His parents were out of town so we got take-away Thai food and watched a movie. Those are some of the best dates in my opinion.
The next morning I took the bus to the city to meet Jordanna and Anita at the Rocks (the area surrounding the Opera House). We spent a good four hours at the weekend markets set up at the rocks. So many artists, photographers, and samples of food! When I'm grown up, my house will have a good deal of art in it. I think the majority of it will be from photos I've taken or from the specific places I've been.
We walked around for a while, got subway, took silly pictures, got hot chocolate, and then I took the bus back to Seaforth and back to Anthony's. Once home, I sort of had a girl meltdown moment and vented about how restless I was and how I didn't want to watch TV or sit at home blah blah. At first he was shocked and a little confused like, "What is your deal" kind of thing. But once I walked into a separate room and started reading the paper instead of watching TV with him he knew I meant it. He said, "Hey, want to go to Manly?" (It was like 9:30pm) Not knowing what we were going for, I said sure. We drove past the beach and mainstream part of Manly and up a big hill. He took me to the Q-station at North Head...or the Quarantine Station. It's where all of the convicts coming from overseas used to go to get quarantined and I guess there are some creepy ghost stories associated with the place. Its got a nice view of the harbour and you can rent cottages and creep yourself out with the ghosty things all night if you want. I think we are going to get a bunch of people to rent one on Halloween!
Anyway, then we drove around Seaforth and he stopped in the middle of a street and got out...he taught me how to drive stick! With my left hand! Afterwards we did some lovely ballroom dancing on his balcony and ate some oreos before going to bed. After my girl fit, the night turned out to be super spontaneous, fun, and obviously blog worthy.
When I woke up this morning, I took the bus into the city to meet the girls. Except, the city hosted a huge thing called 'picnic on the bridge' from like 7-9am...tons of people who were lucky enough to win tickets from the drawing go to have a breakfast picnic on the harbour bridge. So, back to my point, the bridge was closed which caused mayhem in the city. All of the buses took the passengers to the North Sydney train station and then we all crammed in trains to the city. It was pouring outside which made for hot sweaty trains and disoriented asians.
When I finally met the girls, we walked to the Opera House because they had free tours all day!!! Usually the tours cost $30-100 but today was open day. There were three separate tours available and I made everyone stand in line for two of them. I saw the inside of the Opera Theatre and Concert Hall. In the concert hall I watched a guy play some insane organ. They have the largest mechanical organ in the world...10,041 pipes or something like that. On the next tour I saw the rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, green room, and place where they store all the costumes etc. It was so amazing! In between the concert hall and the opera theatre, we had to go outside and go in another door. Everyone was running across because it was pouring. So Anita said, "Hey go run across and I'll stay here and take a picture of you." So I put newspaper over my head and sprinted across. I didn't see that the fancy shmancy glass window panes were angled and I smashed my face into the building. The girls didn't come over to the building for like 4 minutes because they were laughing so hard. We went to lunch and then I caught the ferry back to Manly. I haven't been that annoyed since uh i dont know. But for comparison it was like a sock sale, okay? A sock sale, in the rain, with a predominant asian attendance, who all brought their toddlers, and there were no free doughnut holes or chocolate milk. But oh my gosh, I toured the Opera House and loooooved it. I'm going back for a show for sure before I leave so stay tuned for that.
Anthony's parents came back from Melbourne tonight. I used to get antsy about being at the Bennett's...you know, being the new girlfriend and all, and it doesn't help I'm heaps shy...but now I look forward to it. Sunday night dinner..and then we all watch Rescue Special Ops followed by CSI Miami where they all sit on the couches and try to predict the outcome of each episode. And Steve always makes sure I have a proper dessert. It feels like home and I definitely know that private yacht parties and crazy nice 21st parties aside, my experience in aus wouldn't be as great without his family.
Aside from this weekend, I'm just researching tickets for the Olympics, planning my trip with mom, hanging out with the girls, and holding my breath until uni is over. Liz is shipping me a can of pumpkin so I can make pumpkin pie for the Thanksgiving feast Judy's hosting in mine and Kim's honor next month. Yeah, no canned pumpkin in Woolworth's boooooo. I stir fried pumpkin to try to get in the halloween mood. It was good, but it didn't do the trick. I need some graveyard cake on Rob's birthday.
I hope everyone is healthy and happy and missing me.

Posted by ChristinaC 01:27

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I am laughing for 4 minutes too but I am not there to see your bird crash into the window. How freakin funny CHris. Sock sale with no donut holes, get outta here.

by Elizabeth Rush

Ha! I'm glad you enjoy weddings....they have lost all their shine for me. Boo! I would have loved to see you walk into a window, hahaha! Glad you didn't break your face, though. I've seen a broken nose from running into a window. I don't know if you'll be able to come back after being so fancy shmancy, Oregon life might bore you! Have fun in all your travels! xoxo

by Katie

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