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This entry is long overdue.
Lets start with my birthday last wednesday. Well, Tuesday night I walked into Anita's house and a bunch of girls threw me a surprise party:) They all made a tim tam cake and sang to me. Pretty cute, I know.
Wednesday (the 16th), I went to Anita's and had birthday pancakes with her and Jo. Yum Yum.
I took my biology and environment exams...I don't really know how they went, meh.
After my last exam, I put on my birthday dress and Anthony picked me up around 6pm. He took me to Manly Beach for birthday dinner! I know I go to Manly alot but it's becaue it's a really cool place. He took me to a place called Garfish. "Nice" is an understatement. Good thing I was wearing a dress. It's an awesome restaurant. You choose what fish you want, how you want it cooked, and with what sauce. Now, I don't know that much about fish and Anthony said fish and chips wasn't fancy enough, so I got seafood linguine..mmm.
After dinner, we walked to copenhagens and got some ice cream to share. He's kind of a baby when it comes to eating ice cream. We walked across the street and sat on the wharf to eat it. (We did this a couple weeks back...same spot. It's kind of romantic and special and cute but I don't know if he realizes it:) )
Back at his house, he gave me a card and a present. Grown up jewelry! A pearl necklace! Not just a pearl necklace, it's really pretty. The pearls aren't round...they're obscure and theyre white, pink, purple, blue-ish...super pretty. My birthday was a happy day.
I met James, Anthony's older brother, last week for the first time. He seems pretty cool. Funny to see Anthony have an older brother pick on him and wrestle etc. I don't know why...just kind of like Rob and Rich. Him and Kim are pretty cute.
Friday was Conception Day at Macquarie University. Conception of the uni...nothing funny. It's a major event. It's an all day music festival and it's not just MAC students who attend. Three stages throughout the campus...and some of the bands are apparently well known in AUS.
There was a huge pre party at Anita's. Mostly Aussies and then us. When we finally walked down to campus it was around 2pm. There were already people passed out and barfing their guts out. I slapped a drunk brazilian guy who grabbed me and wouldn't stop trying to kiss me. It was such a fun day...good music too.
I spent a day at Anthony's and then he dropped me downtown at the greyhound station Saturday night where I met Miller Anita and Brendan. This sounds silly, but it was sad leaving Anthony. I had my suitcase and he was dropping me off and it just hit me that in three months or so, it will be the real thing.
The bus left at 10pm from Sydney and didnt arrive in Byron Bay til 1030 am the next morning. Sleeping on the bus was a ridiculous experience. My feet were cold and the boys teased me about sleeping with my mouth open. I'm sleepy open-mouth girl...sog...soggy...the soggster.
Byron was wayyyyy good. It's kind of a hippie place. Lots of organic shops. Really layed back atmosphere. We stayed in a youth hostel a couple blocks from the beach. The boys entered a pool contest and Bren won and got a free kayaking trip. The next morning we went kayaking in the ocean. We saw heaps of dolphins...maybe 20 feet away. Also saw a sea turtle and an orcha whale briefly. We stopped on a beach for some tea and tim tams and then our guide said "GUYS! Ive just received word there are Killer Whales just of the point! So rare! Let's go!" Yikes lady, serious? We went but they turned out to be orchas.
The rest of the time in Byron was just spent beaching, shopping, hiking up to the lighthouse (such a sweet view), and eating.
Monday evening we got a bus from Byron to Surfer's Paradise an hour north. We're actually staying in the Worldmark resort in Kirra Beach, just south of Surfer's. Kirra is where the Pro surfing billabong competition is held. Something like that. Miller says he knows the place from his surfing video game. Yesterday we just walked around Kirra, grocery shopped, rented a movie, played cards, ordered 5-dollar pizzas etc.
On my run this morning I saw a huge sea turtle on the beach. But, it was dead.
We came up to Surfer's Paradise today and ate breakfast at Pancakes in Paradise! Such a yummy place! The weather is so weird. Super windy. And today there is a redish haze as far as you can see. Actually, it's in Sydney too (13 or so hours south). It's a red dust storm that came in from the outback. I took some cool pictures. Anita just left for Brisbane on the bus. She's flying to New Zealand to see her boyfriend. So for a week and half longer its just me and the two boys. Should be alright.
I got my exam schedule for finals. I'm done on Nov 25. I don't leave Sydney til Dec 23 so mom, I was thinking, do you want to meet me somewhere at the end of november? Bali? New Zealand? Western or Northern Australia? The invite extends to anyyyyyone. I have some friends going to New Zealand and Tasmania. I don't want to ask Anthony's parents to put me up for an entire month so I want to travel somewhere.
Next week I'll be swimming with Nemo on the Great Barrier Reef!

Posted by ChristinaC 22:33

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Hey....you're not 30 yet! Hahahahahaha! I'm glad you had a great birthday. Have fun with Nemo. Wish I could meet you, but not gonna happen....so LOVE YOU! :)

by Katie

Wow. What an invitation...let me see what I can do?

by kn5kids

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